About Dusty's Musical Drones

Hello, my name is Dusty Dickerson and I play the trombone. I'm a musician that's been around for many years and have observed musicians carefully tuning their instrument as they warm up, but they didn't seem to have the listening skills to tell when they were out of tune.

It is important to listen to every note in order to play in tune. It is also imperative that you know the difference between playing sharp or flat and to be able to tell when you hit the sweet spot where you match the others in the ensemble.

Musicians and vocalists: I've always thought that we needed a better way to play or sing in tune other than just using a tuner.

Please insert this High Quality CD into your player or computer, crank up the volume to begin listening to how your notes match up with the selected tuning drone. You can test your intervals or each note of the scale to the tuning drone. You will soon learn how it sounds to hit the sweet spot!